The smart payment and expense solution for every organization

How SimpledCard works

    Issue your own payment cards

    You issue and activate your own debit cards from stock using the Card Management System. Employees can use their Mastercard and Maestro payment cards immediately and are globally accepted. The card can also be shared within a department, location, project or team with insight in the transactions per employee.

    Manage budget per payment card realtime

    Manage the card balance and payment limit per person or team online. Specify periodic transfers to top up the card balance, or specify transfers to top up the card balance to a specific amount.

      Pay, add receipt and justify expense

      The cardholder photographs the receipt with the app after an expense, which automatically links it to the transaction. The employee easily fills in the justification, like suggested cost type and cost center defined for your organisation, and sends the expense directly to management for approval.

      Control and process in accounting software

      All transactions are visible online for cardholder and administrator. The justification can be audited, and can be rejected or approved if desired, in the Card Management System. Download all the complete expense reports next, and import them seamlessly into any ERP or bookkeeping software.

      Manage and control your business expenses in a secure way

      Your money is securely held in a third-party account in strict compliance with the applicable European rules and regulations.

      SimpledCard complies with the data storage regulations defined by the European Central Bank and Mastercard. All data are stored in encrypted form on secure servers.

      SimpledCard is a Mastercard service provider – a global leader in electronic payments.