Payment cards for business or organisational expenses

Prepaid payment cards give teams agility to operate and spend both online and in person. With prepaid cards, managers gain high control over expenses as well as real time insight into the organisation’s spending.

Pay everywhere in the world, both on location and online

  • Use our Maestro and Mastercard cards, one of the most accepted card networks in the world
  • Conveniently pay at any terminal on the go, using a pin-code or contactless payment
  • Use our Mastercard cards to pay for online purchases, software subscriptions, online advertising costs and other online expenses such as food apps and taxi services

Substitute cash and make your payments more secure with prepaid cards

  • Remove or reduce petty cash from your workflow. Improving the safety of your employees, reducing fraud and saving your company a lot of time
  • Control spending and cash levels by using customizable automatic card top-ups
  • Centrally switch ATM usage on or off
  • Block cards instantly. In case of displacement of a card you can immediately block the card, and at any point in the future you can reactivate it

Issue your own payment cards

  • Instantly activate bank-independent payment cards from stock and hand them out to your employees
  • Manage the cardholder list online & send out automatic card activation instructions to new cardholders
  • Re-use cards by assigning them to other or new employees
  • Cards can be used as individual employee card, as team cards or department expense cards

Track payments and manage expenses

  • Cards can be assigned to individuals, teams and departments, allowing for the breakdown of company spending
  • Full view of company spending per cost type: each expense can be categorized by the employee at the moment of purchase in our our Mobile App

Why reduce petty cash?

Handling petty cash at several office locations can be an extremely laborious process involving physical money distribution, cash registry management and physical receipt handling.

It is also entails a certain risk both for organization and..

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Why stop cash advances?

Employee cash advances can be an elegant choice in terms of cash-flow and accountability, but not always the best for employee satisfaction and/or timely expense submission.

Employee Cash advances are also not done for larger expenses (like..

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Why replace corporate credit cards?

Credit cards can involve lengthy admission processes for each cardholder and do not always provide direct insight in the costs made.

Also the flexibility of the employees can be restricted by the credit limit, which can be..

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