Seamless integration with your accounting program

SimpledCard integrates with the accounting software you already use to enable a unified workflow between your expense management and your financial books.

Entries and reporting always up to date

SimpledCard ensures your accounting entries are fully completed within our system before being uploaded, already in their final form, to your financial administration.

SimpledCard achieves this by having a customizable system that adopts your general ledger account numbers and by applying the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. Accounting data is seperated in transactions and justifications.

The money is moved between sub-accounts and/or to merchants or creditors, all moves in the virtual cash book are collected in the transaction report. The balance and changes in balance caused by these transactions can be seen in the balance report.

Once a payment is made to a merchant or creditor, it is booked against an expense account that represents the cost type. The changes can be seen in the justifications report. Each transaction can also be categorized for internal accounting purposes by its cost centre, project or client.

Some of our supported platforms

Import in any ERP or bookkeeping software

  • Choose between the standard reports or use customized reports to the specific requirements of your organization’s bookkeeping software
  • Custom reports are available for all common ERP and bookkeeping systems
  • Integration support and technical advice are provided by our specialist team -where and whenever needed
  • API’s for the most frequently used bookkeeping systems in each country are being developed by us

Customizable to fully fit your business

Contact us and enquire about your bookkeeping integration