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Voordelen gebruik prepaid betaalkaarten

Benefits of using prepaid business cards

Use the business debit card for all business expenses. More control, always available and flexibility for your organization.

The payment card for all your employee travel needs

SimpledCard as a travel card and the advantages of various forms of transport in one card.

The debit card without a bank account

The creditcard without a bank account. Prepaid payment card as an alternative to the branch card.

Will the coronavirus change our way of paying?

Cashless payments are increasing, the pandemic limits the use of physical money. Electronic payment is preferable to cash payments.

Facing imminent crisis? What finance managers can do.

A crisis is difficult to see in advance, but as a finance manager. Here is how you can rise to the occasion.

SimpledCard is PCI-DSS certified

With the PCI-DSS certification, SimpledCard meets the requirements of the major credit card companies for processes, procedures and security for the storage of cardholder data.

How to chose the Best Expense Management Software for your company

Read 4 tips for choosing the best expense management software for your company.