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The choice depends on the area your cardholders will use the cards in. The Maestro version can best be compared with your regular bank card. The MasterCard is comparable to your creditcard. Through the Card Management System you can order and manage both types.

Yes, you can use both card types in the same company.

Yes, you can appoint multiple cards to one user.

SimpledCard is a payment solution for corporate use. SimpledCard exists of a combination of payment cards and an online Card Management System which allows you to manage the cards.

SimpledCard is identical to the payment cards you are accustomed to use. By using the CMS you can predefine the balance that will be available to the cardholder, creating an extra safety barrier. Without balance the SimpledCard payment card can not be used. The SimpledCard payment card is also blocked for suppliers with a fraud risk.

Whenever you place an order, you receive a confirmation email. In case of an incorrect order, reply to this email and indicate what the order should have been.

This happens within 48 hours, through registered mail.

We are situated in the centre of Amsterdam at the Haarlemmerstraat 124-E. We kindly invite you to visit our office in the Posthoorn church.

Via email through or by phone on +31 (0)20 330 6712

Immediately report to the police and contact SimpledCard.

A transaction that has not been made by one of your cardholders, could be a fraudulent one. SimpledCard works together closely with MasterCard in order to prevent these transactions. If you suspect a fraudulent transaction to have taken place nonetheless, it is possible to start a fraud procedure. SimpledCard will intermediate for you to try to recover the lost funds.

1. Select the card in the CMS

2. Adjust the balance so that there is no money left on the card.

3. Select card details

4. Selecteer edit details

5. Block the card

When you block a SimpledCard it becomes unusable.

Yes, it is possible to unblock your card yourselves. If you entered three times a wrong PIN you will receive an email with instructions. It’s also possible to unblock the card via the mobile app.

1. Go to

2. Press the ‘Forgot password’ button.

3. Enter your email address.

Yes, in the CMS you can manage the rights and privileges of the user’s yourself.

Yes, you can always export the transaction data through a CSV file.

After we received all required documents it will take about one day before you can access the CMS.

The cardholder can retrieve the PIN in the personal environment after logging in to the CMS.

No, you can order as many SimpledCard payment cards as you need.

You pay a fixed price each month, based on your usage.

The CMS is currently available in English, German and Dutch.

1. Transfer an amount from the master account to the sub account the card is linked to.

2. Next transfer the money from the sub account to the SimpledCard payment card.

3. The balance of the card is now supplemented.

To raise the master balance in the CMS you can transfer money to:

IBAN: GB96 BARC 2059 4277 5535 44
Beneficiary: WDCS RE SIMPLED
Address: Grainger Chambers, 3 -5 Hood Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6JQ (UK)

This is an euro bank account. If you transfer an amount in euro’s, there will be no costs to a transaction. In case you (intentional or unintentional) transfer an amount in a different currency, conversion costs will be charged.

SimpledCard verifies whether the registered bank account is the same one as the one the transaction has been made with.

When everything checks out, the money will be immediately visible as master balance in your Card Management System.

The rules for card usage are identical to every other corporate card. The SimpledCard payment card is blocked for adult, adult related, gambling and gaming expenses.

We recommend you to transfer the needed balance to SimpledCard at least 24 hours prior to the moment you plan to use it.

All credit is safely put on an escrow account. This account stands completely independent from SimpledCard and is exclusively accessible for MasterCard Inc. to settle the card transactions.

A cardholder can view his balance in their personal page in the CMS environment.

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We can be reached by telephone on workdays from from 9 am to 5:30 pm on +31 (0)20 – 330 6712