Benefits of prepaid cards

Issue & manage your own payment cards

Instantly issue bank-independent payment cards yourself, and manage card balances online in real-time using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Give employees real-time insight in their department, location, project or teams expenses, wherever they are. Along with other benefits of prepaid cards, our payment cards can also be shared with insight in transactions per employee.

No unnecessary paperwork

Employees no longer need to advance cash to cover expenditures, and submit claim forms later. Payment limits are managed online per card. All receipts and transactions are digitally registered via the web, or mobile application. Stacks of receipts and claim forms are a thing of the past.

Direct insight & control

Manage financial administration online. Log in everywhere, and transfer money to the payment card in case of emergency. Act immediately in case of doubt or worry. The system detects suspicious transactions.

Secure: work cashless

Substitute cash and petty cash for the SimpledCard payment card. It ensures the safety of employees, and helps to reduce fraud.

Worldwide & online payments

Pay everywhere, on location and online, because of Maestro and Mastercard combination. The payment cards work anywhere in the world, and are internationally accepted.

Complete justification & effortless processing

The receipt, transaction and justification, like cost type and cost center, are linked. Easily import all payment transactions into the most widely used ERPs and bookkeeping software.

Compare SimpledCard

Save time, and prevent frustrations and risks in comparison to the traditional way of working. Compare the benefits of prepaid cards by reading through the steps bellow for employees who have to advance business expenses themselves here.

Do you already use corporate credit cards or expense report software? In that case, the lack of real-time insight in expenses, the forms that need to be filled in for a new credit card, or changing the spending limit, and subsequently the long waiting time, must sound familiar. With employee turnover the card is cut and the process starts all over again. All these frustrations are a thing of the past because SimpledCard works completely bank independent.

Compare SimpledCard to corporate credit cards and expense report software yourself, and discover all the benefits.

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